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Application account: How does it work ?

Application Process
To submit an unsolicited application or apply for one or more advertised vacancies, you need to create an application account.
You can use your account to submit your resume to our database, which is available to recruiters across Total, and to edit your resume, apply for advertised vacancies, track your applications and receive email JobAlerts.

Creating your account
- To submit an unsolicited application:
Click on Unsolicited Application and fill in the registration and application form.
- To apply to one or more advertised vacancies:
Click on "Vacancies"
Enter your job search criteria
Select a vacancy
Click on Apply and fill in the registration and application form.

To access your account later, just enter your email address and your password in the boxes provided on the homepage. If you forget your password, click on "Lost Password?" on the homepage.

Managing your account
- Applications
Click on View My Account to access and edit your resume and applications.
You can apply for one or more positions by clicking on Our Vacancies, then Apply at the bottom of the vacancy selected.
You can apply for up to three advertised positions at the same time. Your resume will be the same, but can tailor your reasons for applying to each position.

Indicated to the right of the vacancy for which you have applied, the status of your applications changes as they are processed by our recruiters. If you have submitted an unsolicited application, the applicable status is Added to Applicant Pool.
You can browse the list of your inactive applications by clicking on Application History.

Application statuses 
- "Under examination": You have applied for a vacancy. The recruiter in charge of the vacancy will examine your application and contact you directly if your profile matches the position to be filled.
- "Invited for an interview": Your application has been shortlisted and you have begun the recruitment process.
- "Unsuccessful": You have applied for a vacancy, but your application has not been shortlisted by the recruiter responsible for the vacancy. However, your file is still accessible to Group recruiters for other potential needs. Your application for a vacancy has been transformed into an unsolicited application.
- "Candidate pool": Applicable to all unsolicited applications. Your resume has been added to our applicant database. It can be read by all Group recruiters, who can contact you directly if your profile matches a position to be filled.

You can receive email alerts concerning vacancies that match your job search criteria by clicking on JobAlert Registration and entering your criteria.

You can browse the emails that have been sent to you by clicking on Email History.